Casting Call – 5 Levels of Fear

Audio Drama producer Aural Stage Studio (11th Hour Audio, Intensive Care, 1918) has teamed with Award winning Jim French Productions’ writer Sable Jak on a 5-episode audio micro-series, 5 Levels of Fear:

Abandoned and untouched for a century a mansion is breached by three urban explorers searching for its story, only to find a hidden floor, rows of beds with restraints, and walls that leak moving shadows. Run.

We are seeking three voice actors to play the lead roles of Jack, Conner and Jill:

JACK HOLLOWELL: Early 30’s. Sharp, quick, not a smart ass, but can dish it out. Tuned in to his surroundings. Braver than he thinks.

JILL JOHANSEN: Early 30’s. Adventurous, athletic, smart, not easy to scare. Conner’s older sister. She’s been an Urban Explorer before she knew what the term meant.

CONNER “CONTROL” JOHANSEN: Runs the ground crew from his wheelchair. He used to explore with Jill until a fall sidelined him. NOTE: Conner is always on filter as he is not with Jack and Jill but only monitoring them on a com.

Audition sides are located here:

To audition, please send your resume, headshot and audition to

All roles are non-union.  Pay is $320.

Actors must be available for in-studio recording will take place over two consecutive sessions in early to mid September at Jack Straw Studios in Seattle Washington. Date details are pending.

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