Meet the Dialog Editor for 5 Levels of Fear

Eli McIlveen Joins 5 Levels of Fear

Eli McIlveen Join 5 Levels of Fear

We are delighted to have Eli McIlveen on the 5 Levels of Fear team. Eli is the creative force behind the Forgery League podcast. He is also the creator, playwright, and director of the award-winning audio drama Alba Salix.

Eli has been recording strange noises since he first “borrowed” his dad’s cassette player as a kid. During his five-year stint at CKMS-FM (University of Waterloo), he was a producer, actor and occasional writer for the weekly comedy series Philler, and went on to host a weekly radio theatre showcase. Since then he’s been sound designer and operator for a raft of theatre productions in Toronto.

Eli is the line producer for Radio Drama Revival, a bi-weekly podcast showcasing the best in modern audio drama. He is also a dialogue editor for 11th Hour Audio Productions and has appeared in Jim Robbie and the Wanderers and Radiation World playing mostly invertebrates and nerds.

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