5 Levels of Fear

Three explorers, an abandoned mansion – what could go wrong?

Written by Sable Jak this four-part micro-series follows three urban explorers on a trip into a century-old abandoned mansion: one that has never been explored before. The mansion escaped the notice of almost everyone and there is little information about it available and the blueprints are less than helpful. At first, they find the place in pristine condition, complete with belongings from everyone who had lived there. But that deteriorates as they descend into the house, floor by floor. They become trapped in a maze of hallways and passages and followed by a terrifying presence. Wanting to explore turns quickly into fear and the need to escape.

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Anjelica McMillan
Jon Lee Vroman
Tadd Morgan
Written by Sable Jak
Dialog Editing by Eli McIlveen
Sound Design by Matthew Boudreau
Music by Amy K Bormet