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Aural Stage Studios, Inc., is a nonprofit collaborative community of artists, designers, theatre and audio professionals. We offer a wide range of services at competitive rates.

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Telephone: 716-393-9228.


Location Recording/Board Operator – $25/hour

Basic recording and live audio mixing services
Boom operator is separate
Does not include travel and lodging costs

Basic Audio Editing – $30/hour

Includes minor repair such as gating and noise reduction
Includes syncing, and basic transitioning/crossfading and basic levels
Does not include post-production processing such as eq, compression or mastering

Advanced Audio Editing/Mixing/Audio Repair – $40/hour

Includes major repairs such as voice cleanup, removal of unwanted noise.
Includes Dialog editing and ADR as needed
Includes eq, normalization, level mixing, sweetening and effects
Quotes are based on an average of one hour per 15-minutes of audio and may vary

Sound Design – Contact for quote

Includes work for film, audio and stage
Includes Foley work and custom Sound Effects
Does not include dialog editing
Extensive audio library
Quotes are based on an average of one hour per 15-minutes of audio per audio track and may vary with project complexity.

We also offer a wide range of services through out Talent Network:


Script Proofreading & Editing

Film & Video

Sound Design
Transmedia Production
Voice Reels
Field or Location Recording
Studio Recording
Dialog Editing
SFX Production
Audio Editing

Voice Over

Voice Acting
Animation & Character Voice Over
Commercial TV, Radio, or Internet
Audiobook Voice Over
Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR)