Featured Writers


Gregory Austin

Gregory Austin is a Buffalo, NY native. Currently he writes for various comedy websites including: College Humor, Boston Drunks and Points in Case. Prior to that he spent some time in Chicago where he was head writer and featured performer for the Improvisational group “The Human Touch.” Additionally he has produced a few stage shows and dinner theater productions in both Buffalo and Chicago. He is currently working on a full length novel, a collection of short stories and a meta-podcast focusing on the pop culture world seen through hindsight.

Gregory is also a voice actor. He has narrated audiobooks for Audible.com, has brought short stories to life on the internet and has podcasts featured on Smiles for All. For more info visit his website at GregoryAustinVoiceActor.com.

Gregory also enjoys sandwiches, comic books and genuine people.

Jason Douglas Louie

J. D. Louie is an avid reader who grew up to be an avid writer. He has written articles for Listverse.com and he is a former cartoonist for The Hilltop newspaper. For the theater world he has written for and performed with The Howard Players and Howards University’s The TEAM comedy troupe. He has appeared in several student films, his first being A Dangerous Business which won The Paul Roberson Award for best original screenplay. Louie has written short stories, short films, and recently a five act stage play entitled The Unmasqued Man. He is a semi-retired spoken word artist as well. Louie does not consider himself a writer but a storyteller, seeing the former as a means to an end. This has led him to pursue and explore the many different mediums of storytelling. It is this love of stories (and his interest in old radio dramas like The Shadow) that has brought him to Aural Stage Studios and the world of audio drama. A lifelong mythology buff, he will always have a soft spot for oral storytelling, mythology’s original medium. Louie’s primary focus at this time, however, is still furthering his literary career and he is currently in the process of getting his novel, Flight of Fancy published.

Matthew J Boudreau

As a writer, Matt specializes in sci-fi, horror and absurdism, though he’s willing to write in whatever genre best fits a story.  Matthew believes that good storytelling transcends genres and is a blend of good writing, skillful acting and a really solid production crew more than the trappings and formulaic nonsense associated with many commercial productions.  

Matt is a submission editor for ink&coda, an online journal that publishes works of fiction, nonfiction and instrumental music across numerous different genres. He is also a contributing submissions editor for Radio Drama Revival, a weekly podcast showcasing the diversity and vitality of modern audio drama.


Monique Boudreau


Monique Boudreau is a writer and editor located in Buffalo, New York. She earned a BA in Anthropology with a minor in English from the State University of New York at Oswego and an MA in Anthropology from the State University of New York at Buffalo.  She recently finished her first screenplay, Realm, and co-wrote and is currently producing a modern audio drama series entitled Otherworldlies. She is also currently working on a creative nonfiction novel about her experiences as an American nomad. Monique was nominated for a Parsec Award in 2013 for her audio play, Ancient Evil and recently completed the libretto for a short opera, The Last Silent Voice.

When not forcing characters to bend to her will Monique samples craft beers, feeds squirrels, paints and frequents thrift stores. She enjoys travelling and has lived in three countries, seven states, eighteen cities, 34 homes, one motor lodge, one tent and one 1975 Ford Ltd. station wagon.