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Monster’s Game


A young man battling schizophrenic demons from his past, hears a sinister new voice in his earbuds with murderous intentions. Will a blossoming romance with a mysterious neighbor be his salvation or lead down a darker path?


Bobby Gaglini

Sarah Caitlin Taylor

Dexter Herron

Tanja Milojevic

Edward Champion

Matthew Boudreau

Sarah Golding

Fiona Thraille


Written by John Ballentine

Directed by Steve Schneider

Sound Design by Travis Vengroff

Original score by Kevin Hartnell


The Martyr Protocol


Six android beings must cope with what it means to be human and the terror that goes along with it. Light years from earth, who will save them when everthing goes horribly wrong. Starring Sarah Golding, Owen McCuen, Danielle Ries, Drew Profit, Scott Phillips, Mike Janson, Kristin Martin, Austin Beach, and Pete Lutz. Written and directed by Jeremy Hennessy and Scott Phillips sound design by Matthew Boudreau, musical score by Dayn Leonardson


The Hooded Figure


Written by MJ Cogburn, Shane Harris and Jonathan Patrick Russell.

Tonight’s entertainment is based on inheritance.  Sometimes, you can inherit many things from your family – sometimes it’s trinkets, expensive furniture all the way up to an excessive amount of money.  What happens when it’s more than just objects or monetary gain?  

Featured in the cast are players from AudiOblivious, Darker Projects, Narada Radio Company, Lightning Bolt Theater of the Mind and Leap Audio:

Shane Harris as Scott McMillan

MJ Cogburn as Abigail Townsend

Sarah Golding as the Waitress

Austin Beach as Paul Edwards

Tanja Milojevic as Jessica Edwards

Scott Phillips as Officer Roberts

Pete Lutz as Officer Davis


Mark Bruzee as Harbinger, your host

The Hooded Figure is produced by MJ Cogburn. The awesome, original musical score was performed by David Krause.  

We hope you enjoyed the presentation. Please do listen to the other presentations listed.  Thank you for listening.


Ivory Towers


Written by Richard H Brooks

1920s, Oxford. Students, Thomas and Roger, try to impress Agnes, a young woman from outside the college, by breaking into the Master’s study for a late night drink. The prank turns more threatening when they discover a secret wing of the college and the Master takes chase. Yet their arrival at the tower has been anticipated and soon the two students begin to question how well they know their new-found friend.

Beth Ayre – Agnes

Rob Bowen – Thomas

David Weeks – Roger

Karim Kronfli – Master Smedley

John Watts – Chipley

Sarah Golding – Lydia

Christopher Jarvis – Porter

Ivory Towers Theme and score composed by Tom Rory Parsons (additional pieces from www.purple-planet.com)

Recording and sound production by Christopher Jarvis of www.radiotheatreworkshop.com

Cover art by Monique Boudreau

Directed by Karim Kronfli


Shadows of Halloween


On Halloween night four friends gather together, and discover that some traditions are all too real.

Starring Owen McCuen, Tanja Milojevic, Austin Beach, Matthew Boudreau, and Pete lutz. Written and produced by Neil Gustin


11th Hour Audio Productions – 2017


Join us on October 30th to celebrate Audio Drama Day and Halloween with chilling tails of horror all day long.

Get your 11th Hour Merch at https://teespring.com/stores/aural-stage-studios.


Heavenly Deception


Steve Schneider

From 11th Hour Northeast (New England, USA).

When Prudence (Tanja Milojevic) reunites with her older sister Zara (Sarah Caitlin Taylor) after 18 months, their reunion is interrupted in a sudden, drastic and life-altering manner. Featuring Richard Wentworth and Owen McCuen.


Tanja Milojevic — Prue
Sarah Caitlin Taylor — Zara
Taryn Poe — Heather
Abby Hilditch — Nicole
Rich Wentworth — Mr. Green
Susan Buttrick — Ms. Blue
Owen McCuen — Mr. White
Mary Ferrara — Lillian
Mike McQuilkin — Cultist 1
Scott Hickey — Cultist 2
and Rick Coste — Deejay


Recording and Production Assistance: Richard Summers
Dialogue Editing: Eli McIlveen
Sound Design: Bryan Bristol
Composing and Post-Production Mixing: Matthew J Boudreau
Videography: Mike McQuilkin

“Heavenly Deception” features the song “Your Love is Lifting Me (Higher and Higher)”, used with permission.
Vocals by Sophia Howes


Kill the Boy


Scott Phillips

From 11th Hour Midwest (Wisconsin).

A boy and his mother acclimate to their new life in a small town, when something sinister begins to unravel.


Sarah Golding as Mom
Jeremy Hennessy as Jeremy
Dayn Leonardson as the Entity

Directed by Scott Phillips and Dayn Leonardson
Sound Design/Music by Dayn Leonardson




Matthew McLean

From 11th Hour Scotland.

A small group of humans awake on board an alien spacecraft.


Jenny — Rosemary Stanford
Claire — Bee Parkinson
Paul — Colin Gray
Martyn — Robert Cudmore
Ret — Kat O’Connor

Written and produced by Matthew McLean




Pete Lutz

From 11th Hour Southwest (Texas).

Greek legend tells of the Vrykolakas, a vampiric creature somewhat different than the Slavic bloodsuckers we know. And in a Southwestern U.S. city, when a Greek gangster comes back to life to hunt down his murderer, bullets and blood drops fly!


Written by Pete Lutz, from a Weird Tales magazine story by Robert C. Sandison


ANNOUNCER: Shannon Bladow
KIP HOLLISTER: Diana Gabriela De Hoyos
MRS. DAGO JOE: Lisa Marie Ayala
COPY BOYS: Katie Loftin, Alex Moore
KYRIE & EDITOR: Peter M. Howard
GIRL & PEPITA: Evy Elizondo
DINK & MITROS: Nick Wommack
JINX & KELSEY: Pete Lutz
SPIKE & ANGELOS: Jason D. Johnson
DRIVER: George Hatfield
RITZY: Dana Gonsalves
GANGSTER 1: Bill Hollweg
DAGO JOE & MICK: John Valadez

Recorded by Pete Lutz in Corpus Christi, TX, except for Gangster 1 (Miles, TX) and Alex Moore’s lines (Garland, TX).

Mixed and mastered by Sibby Wieland (Houston).