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My house was built in 1889. It’s undergone some extreme changes in it’s life, but it’s true age reveals itself every time I go down into the basement. This house rests on a foundation made of walls that are 2 feet thick, hand cut and mortared local stone. On top of these ancient glacial stones are beams of rough timber in true 2 x 8 sizes. And yet for such a solid foundation, it plays host to colonies of spiders.

I’m not afraid of spiders. On the contrary I think that they are miraculously complex and graceful creatures that serve a vital purpose. I let them build their webs in my garden, don’t bother them if they’re hanging out in the shed and if I find them inside the house, I peacefully escort them back outside. Except for the spiders in the basement.

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While I’ve lived in WNY for almost a decade, I was born in Arizona and spent a good deal of my childhood in Nevada. I’ve chased lizards, rode horses through sagebrush, been bowled-over by more than one tumbleweed and my father wore cowboy boots.

Walther is a character that hangs out in my head. He’s the sum of a motley lineup of hard-working, ornery men that have passed through my life.

He’s the kind of guy who works through a problem with rough, calloused hands and grit. He’s as weathered and worn as a herdsman’s saddle.

His job is to pop up and let me know when something smells like bullshit – he always does it in a western drawl and occasionally with a wink and a nod.

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