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December 1, 2015 / Aural Stage Blog
December 1, 2015 / Aural Stage Blog
October 31, 2015 / Aural Stage Blog
October 30, 2015 / Aural Stage Blog

Sometime back in September we decided we wanted to produce a quick horror audio drama, just for fun.

We asked some of the fellow audio drama producers living in the Northeast if they wanted to be a part of some #worldaudiodramaday mayhem. The response was a resounding “Hell Yes!”, And 11th Hour Audio Productions was born.

Twenty-three different people, representing eleven different audio drama and podcast production groups converged to celebrate what we love about modern audio drama…

Standing around and looking confused; I mean… telling stories.

Buffalo writer, Justin Mullane, volunteered a script idea he had been kicking around for a while and within a week, had written 30-minutes of strange, horrific fun. With the rough draft in hand Monique Boudreau began editing the script for audio, while Matthew Boudreau and Richard Wentworth began casting.

In a very short time they had almost all of the roles cast and Mr. Wentworth began location scouting, while Aural Stage Studios, Inc. began gathering equipment and props.

On October 23rd we traveled to historic Lowell, Massachusetts to meet up with some outstanding, creative and crazy people to create a little last minute mischief and horror.

On this special day for Audio Drama we would just like to take a moment to thank every person who volunteered their time, energy and enthusiasm for this project! This show was made entirely out of determination, schmeared with love (or was it insanity?) for nothing more than the opportunity to meet and greet some fantastic people in Audio Drama. 

Written by – Justin Mullane


Michael McQuilkin as Gary
Seana Carmody as Shelly
Rich Wentworth as Dr. Maidenthorp
Steve Schneider as Bill
Bryan Lincoln as Steve
Sarah Golding as Operator
Matthew McLean as Adam
Owen McCuen as Adam
Robert Cudmore as Paramedic
Sibby P Wieland as Television News Reporter
Matthew J Boudreau as Paul and Hank
Pete Lutz as Testimonial
Katey Falvey as Barbara
David Jarvis as Television News Reporter
Score by – John Carl Toth
Music by
Matthew and Javert Boudreau
VWT (Lucas Messier)
Ithaca Studios
Dialog Editing by Eli McIlveen  
Sound Design and editing by Matthew J Boudreau
Script Editing and Artwork by Monique Boudreau

Production Crew

Henry Wentworth, Matthew J Boudreau, Fred Greenhalgh’s Rode NT4, Rich Wentworth, Scott Hickey, Bryan Lincoln, Pete – Throat Warbler Mangrove Sweet Butts -Lutz, Audrey Wentworth, Javert Boudreau, Steve Schneider’s Shovel, The Watermelon, Rebekah White, Mr. Body and
Katey Falvey

October 30, 2015 / Aural Stage Blog
October 14, 2015 / Aural Stage Blog

“If you don’t have the confidence to ask, you will never have the confidence to convince.”
Amit Kalantri

Something wonderful happened for us today, it must be the magic of World Audio Drama Day (Oct 30th). 

Actually two wonderful things happened today. The first was a donation to Aural Stage Studios, Inc. to help us produce #Otherworldlies! But the second was even more important. For the first time since we became a 501©(3) nonprofit organization I learned the importance of asking for help.

I realize that I’ve spent quite a bit of time letting people know we are raising funds for the series, without ever asking anyone for help. Thankfully, there are more socially intelligent people on our board than me and one of them reached out into the community and asked.

That is when Merchants Insurance Group stepped up and lent their support.

To say that everyone here at Aural Stage Studios, Inc. appreciates their donation doesn’t really convey what it represents. It is the first donation we’ve received from the Buffalo Business Community; a sign that we are on the right track.

October 8, 2015 / Aural Stage Blog

October 30th is World Audio Drama Day and this year Buffalo, NY has something to say about it.

For five years Aural Stage Studios has been quietly producing and releasing award-winning audio dramas from their Buffalo, NY site. 

But this past February we decided to kick it up a notch and by May 2015 Aural Stage Studios, Inc. was formed.

As a 501©(3) nonprofit organization Aural Stage has set out to create a network of local talent to learn, create and distribute audio drama. 

Additionally we plan to offer community classes and workshops on:

  • voice acting
  • podcasting
  • improv
  • field recording
  • audio production

We are seeking funding for and developing programs such as: 

  • an audio arts immersion and residency program for local storytellers who are looking for another way to share their visions. 
  • a children’s literacy program that puts voice actors with books in front of Buffalo Public School children. 
  • a program to collect, archive and distribute the personal stories of Buffalo’s people, their experiences and history.

We are currently raising funds for our newest production, Otherworldlies

Otherworldlies is a 12 episode audio series that was written by Buffalo writers, cast Buffalo actors and is being recorded in Buffalo’s GCR Audio Studio. To find out how you can get involved visit: or contact us at