Aural Fixation

Kill the Boy


Scott Phillips

From 11th Hour Midwest (Wisconsin).

A boy and his mother acclimate to their new life in a small town, when something sinister begins to unravel.


Sarah Golding as Mom
Jeremy Hennessy as Jeremy
Dayn Leonardson as the Entity

Directed by Scott Phillips and Dayn Leonardson
Sound Design/Music by Dayn Leonardson




Matthew McLean

From 11th Hour Scotland.

A small group of humans awake on board an alien spacecraft.


Jenny — Rosemary Stanford
Claire — Bee Parkinson
Paul — Colin Gray
Martyn — Robert Cudmore
Ret — Kat O’Connor

Written and produced by Matthew McLean


It’s 11th Hour Kick-Off Time

11th Hour Audio

Hello, October!

It’s that time of year again. Time to complain about Christmas decorations in the stores and time to start producing your show for the 11th Hour Audio event.

So far this year we have production companies from:

Scotland UK, England UK, Southern USA, Midwestern USA, Northeastern USA, and Southwestern USA

The 11th Hour Audio event celebrates World Audio Drama Day on October 30th by bringing together audio drama creators to produce a horror-themed show just in time for Halloween. So grab your scripts, find your cast and… Go!




Pete Lutz

From 11th Hour Southwest (Texas).

Greek legend tells of the Vrykolakas, a vampiric creature somewhat different than the Slavic bloodsuckers we know. And in a Southwestern U.S. city, when a Greek gangster comes back to life to hunt down his murderer, bullets and blood drops fly!

Written by Pete Lutz, from a Weird Tales magazine story by Robert C. Sandison


ANNOUNCER: Shannon Bladow
KIP HOLLISTER: Diana Gabriela De Hoyos
MRS. DAGO JOE: Lisa Marie Ayala
COPY BOYS: Katie Loftin, Alex Moore
KYRIE & EDITOR: Peter M. Howard
GIRL & PEPITA: Evy Elizondo
DINK & MITROS: Nick Wommack
JINX & KELSEY: Pete Lutz
SPIKE & ANGELOS: Jason D. Johnson
DRIVER: George Hatfield
RITZY: Dana Gonsalves
GANGSTER 1: Bill Hollweg
DAGO JOE & MICK: John Valadez


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A Dread Light Shines In The Serpent’s Sky


Scott Phillips

From 11th Hour South (Kentucky). A crew of pirates down on its luck finds a merchant ship and believe their luck to be changing for the better. Their bad luck is only getting worse.


Scott Phillips
Austin Beach
Mike Janson
Drew Profit
Jeremy Hennessy

Written and directed by Scott Phillips (Audioblivious Productions)
Sound design by Laura Beth Bramblette (producer for Jim Robbie and the Wanderers)
Produced by Austin Beach (Audioblivious Productions)
Musical composition and score by Dayn Leonardson (Koach Studios)


Vultures Over Low Doves


Justin Mullane

11th Hour’s inaugural production from 2015. 

Buffalo writer, Justin Mullane, volunteered a script idea he had been kicking around for a while and within a week, had written 30-minutes of strange, horrific fun. With the rough draft in hand Monique Boudreau began editing the script for audio, while Matthew Boudreau and Richard Wentworth began casting.
In a very short time they had almost all of the roles cast and Mr. Wentworth began location scouting, while Aural Stage Studios, Inc. began gathering equipment and sound props.
On October 23rd we traveled to historic Lowell, Massachusetts to meet up with some outstanding, creative and crazy people to create a little last minute mischief and horror.

On this special day for Audio Drama we would just like to take a moment to thank every person who volunteered their time, energy and enthusiasm for this project! This show was made entirely out of determination, schmeared wi […]


Intensive Care


James Comtois

Alex Ericcson (Nat Angstrom) is checked into a New England Hospital after a major car accident. His accommodations are not so state of the art and there is something… off about his fellow patients. And are those screams in the distance? The more he wakes up, the more Alex realizes his condition is more critical than he could ever believe. Samantha Mason directs this FinalRune Productions and Aural Stage Studios collaboration.  Intensive Care also stars  Kristina Balbo,  PG Lorusso, Bernie Horowitz and Dave Marshall.  Featuring Hannah Kramer, Janice Gardner and Ashley Brooks.   Directed by Samantha Mason.  Music by Matthew J Boudreau and Barb Truex.  Sound design and editing by Matthew J Boudreau.

The is piece is the prototype and inspiration for 11th Hour Audio productions.


A Prophets Guide


Written by Matthew J Boudreau

When Karl (PG Lorusso) gives up his appointed quest to chase after the Muffin Girl (Carolyn Lansom) from the local coffee shop, three prophets, Zoe (Sophia Howes), Morgan (Daniel Mink), and Destin (G. Anton Moore) team up with a six-foot silverfish named Bob (Jerry Hudson) and find themselves on a real quest in which a prophet-turned-hero is allied with a villain-turned-mentor to defeat a prophet-turned-villain to save their society from its own absurd facades.


Jonathan Lee-Vroman Joins 5 Levels of Fear Audio Drama

Aural Stage StudiosAural Stage Studios is happy to welcome Jonathan Lee-Vroman to the 5 Levels of Fear audio drama lineup.

Jonathan joins Aural Stage Studios from Seattle Washington with credits from the stage, screen, and television. He is known for the short film The Tangly Wood (2016), the television series Grimm (2011) and a number of theatrical roles. Jonathan will be lending his considerable vocal talents to the production’s character JACK HOLLOWELL.

We also want to take this moment to say THANK YOU to the supportive people who have donated to our GoFundMe campaign. Your amazing generosity helps us pay talented people like Jonathan to do what they do best.